How to Build a Content Channel in 7 Steps

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Make the decision to build a content channel

This step seems pretty obvious but as someone who is a former master of procrastination, this is important to acknowledge to ourselves. No one else is forcing you to do this work. You are doing this work because you have a message to get out or because you haven’t found anything else that you feel satisfied doing, or something else. Whatever the reason, having the drive to make work for yourself is essential. Whether its crafting woodland creatures out of fallen forest materials or having a knack fixing household appliances, we all have knowledge, skills, and talent that the world could really use right now.

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Create a master document

The Master Document is your road map toward success. Think of it as your scratch pad, your brainstorming space. This is where you are going to be planning our channel. As you plan, you will find yourself writing down actionable tasks, or ideas that you come up with that you can do something about whether its conducting a study, researching a topic, building a working system, collecting materials, or gathering information.

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Create an intentions plan

When embarking on this journey, it can seem really overwhelming because you have such a broad scope in the beginning stages. This is where you really have to do some soul searching and dig deep in your subconscious. What do you really enjoy? What do you wonder about? What is your expertise? We are all experts at something, but no one is going to tell you what you are an expert in. You are the only one who knows what you are an expert in. You have to realize it for yourself.

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Create an action plan

Now that you have pinned down your intentions with your content channel, it’s time to give yourself parameters to keep the workflow going. This part of the process gives you a direction to aim toward. The Master Document is an excellent space to work out your Action Plan in the beginning stages.

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Create idea banks

These Idea Banks will be a manifested form of the value you are creating. You can call them lists if you like, but I like the idea of repurposing the use of the word “bank” to imply a valuable collection of personal ideas.

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Determine what medium you wish to work in

No matter what your medium preference is, whether it’s written, or visual, or audio, YouTube, Medium, Patreon; your core work will initially be written. It’s pretty important to embrace our innate writing skills. Just because we aren’t writing like Jane Austen or Fyodor Dostoevsky doesn’t mean that our writing can’t be impactful. Every movie, tv show, documentary, song, research study, book, all came from an idea and that idea was written down in some form.

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Utilize conscious breathing, visualization, and intentions in your routine

Now, this last step may seem woo woo and you may scoff, but I guarantee you, it is very helpful if you keep an open mind. Being a content creator is an active job and you will begin to notice unwanted compulsions and desires that will try to distract you from doing this active work.

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