Creating content is like building out the path to better understanding your own self and the world around you.

When I began to realize that writing out your experiences allows you to grasp your thoughts more concretely and then construct a bigger idea through the processing of those thoughts, a lightbulb in my awakening mind illuminated a new outlet for expressing this curious knowledge-seeking energy. Take an active role in your life and create intentional content. So here I am, currently activating my life and sharing a few things with you fine readers while I do it up.

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The different…

Get Yourself a Creative Pandemic Practice or Two

Tackle that loneliness deep inside your heart

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With a pandemic limiting our social interactions, the isolation is real. A collective reckoning is happening and it looks different for each one of us.

As a former worker in the restaurant industry, the constant chaos from day to day hustle has left me with a void of quiet loneliness. The quiet is nice for the introvert in me but I truly miss that connection with all of my co-workers, regulars, friends, and just people in general. …

An Argument for Cooking for Yourself

No wonder Mom always asks what you had for dinner.

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Between restaurants and bars transforming into uncertainty during Covid times and DoorDash reporting over 1 billion in revenue for 2020, we really have a lot to reconcile when it comes to our food.

I want to preface this piece with a consideration that eating out and supporting local businesses is always a good choice in my book. But being an impacted worker who no longer pulls from a replenishing pool of income, I have to budget my money with more consideration.

In my journey…

A Very Powerful Question You Can Always Be Asking Yourself

Graham Hancock, writer and pebble in the mainstream science world’s shoe, likes to say that we are a species with amnesia. To know everything that has ever happened in the world is, well, futile anyway. But acknowledging that humans work best when we work together, on the shoulders of giants, is how we can be our most efficient and best version of ourselves.

  1. Mind your Attention

First step toward achieving total world domination is minding your attention. I say total world domination facetiously, for effect, but you really can change…

Everyone seems to be talking about mindfulness in recent years. What does it mean to truly Be Mindful? I decided to try and see if I could figure it out.

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It all starts with meditation for me. 2019, for personal reasons I’ll write about later, was the hardest year my family went through. So my journey to mindfulness can also be looked at as a spiritual awakening as well. When I stopped to listen to the world and not my own neurotic mind, the wonder in my imagination came alive. …

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This year, on top of global pandemic, economic collapse, systemic corruption, we have to face the fall out of our ideologies and reconcile them if we want to take on the broken systems we have on our hands. It’s not going to be easy but we can only fix things if we try and keep on keeping on.

People argue each time their political party prevails during the presidential elections that they were more gracious winners than the last term’s winners. But these kinds of declarations alone speak of a lack of graciousness. …

“Be a light when the world appears uncertain and insecure”

Quarantine can be lonely. We all go through our days with much more limitations and restrictions which has impacted the amount of quality time we get to spend with other people. …

How do we, at home, make sense or money during the Coronavirus?

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While it seems like the threats of our social normalcy continue to pile up, we should try not to dwell on the unknown. This will allow us to avoid operating under the influence of fear. As we exit, what the Institute for Heath Metrics is saying, a “peak week” for New York, we can battle along with our medical warriors under our roofs while abiding by social distancing measures by connecting into the social media hive mind.

If you’ve seen the stills of all the empty ghost city centers you might feel a little concerned for the safety of our…

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